Superalloys Reference Library DVD
                                         Year: 2011               ISBN: 978-1-61503-830-5


                                     Price $ 695.00


The Superalloys Reference Library DVD provides a complete guide to the selection, designations, processing, properties, and
performance of superalloys. All commercial grades are covered, with especially extensive coverage provided for the most widely
used nickel-base alloys.
The fully searchable disc features 51 articles from ASM Handbook and ASM Specialty Handbook volumes; the complete content of
the best-selling technical books Superalloys: A Technical Guide, 2nd Edition and Superalloys: Alloying and Performance; 181
alloy data sheets from Alloy Digest; 59 heat treating data sheets from the Heat Treaterís Guide; 392 engineering diagrams taken
from ASMís series of atlases; and 1894 binary and ternary phase diagrams from the ASM Alloy Phase Diagrams Center.
The DVD can be used with any Windows Platform laptop or desktop computer with a DVD drive. Articles can be printed, and text,
table, and images can be copied and pasted. Note: the files on the disc cannot be copied, so the DVD must be present in the
local machine for the content to be accessed.






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