Creep-Fatigue Interactions: Test Methods and Models
                                                     Editor(s): Ashok Saxena; Bilal Dogan
                                                  Year: 2011           Code: STP-1539       Pages: 335


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Table of Contents:


Sixteen peer-reviewed papers address the latest research in the area of creep-fatigue crack formation and crack growth in high
temperature materials and structures.


Topics deal with:


Creep-fatigue interaction behavior of ferritic steels and austenitic stainless-steels covers properties, test methods and the latest
models for applying the test data to components


Creep-fatigue interactions in nickel-base superalloys being considered for use or already in use in advanced nuclear plants and in gas
turbines discusses creep-fatigue interaction in single crystal materials, thermal-mechanical fatigue, and behavior of protective
thermal barrier coatings that enhance the creep-fatigue performance of the components




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