Roofing Research and Standards Development: 7th Volume
                                                                   Editor(s): Walter J Rossiter
                                                  Year: 2011           Code: STP-1538       Pages: 220


                                                   Price $ 68


Table of Contents:


Eleven peer-reviewed papers cover:
Performance of thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roof membranes
Development of a sustainability standard for flexible single-ply roofing
Rheological properties of asphalts and their specifying using dynamic shear rheometry (DSR)
Principles of design and installation of below-grade and building deck waterproofing
Protected membrane roof (PMR) systems revisited
Practical lessons learned from field studies of foam-adhered rigid roof insulation boards
Advantages and constraints of electrical conductance methods for locating leaks in roofing and waterproof membranes
Proposed test using light and heat for heat transfer through low-sloped roof assemblies
Metal roof performance and durability


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