Pesticide Formulations and Delivery Systems,
    31st Volume: Innovative Green Chemistries for the 21st Century
                                                                   Editor(s): Bala N Devisetty 
                                                  Year: 2011           Code: STP-1537       Pages: 210


                                                   Price $ 65


Table of Contents:


Thirteen peer-reviewed papers touch upon critical aspects in pesticide formulations and delivery systems.


Topics cover:


Advances in Green Formulation Technology—covers design of green matrices, environmentally friendly solvents, botanical
pesticides for public health, organic herbicides, and more


Adjuvants and Test Methods—deals with novel surfactant derivatives for improving the infiltration of irrigation water
into repellent soil, development of an ASTM test method for adjuvants in spray drift reduction programs, a florescent
tracer method for evaluating spray transport and fate, and a test method for evaluating water condition adjuvants


Drift Reduction—Formulation and Application Technologies focuses on formulation development and application technologies


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