Automated/Mechanized Drilling and Countersinking of Airframes
                                                               Author (s): George Nicholas Bullen

                                                 Year: 2013           Code:  R-416          Pages: 262


                                                   Price $ 109.95


Table of Contents:


Modern aircraft manufacturing involves drilling and countersinking hundreds of thousands to millions of holes. Doing this work by hand accounts
for 65% of the cost of airframe assembly, 85% of the quality issues, and 80% of the lost time due to injuries.


Automated drilling and countersinking replaces traditional hand methods and involves using numeric control machinery to drill and countersink a
finished hole “one shot” (drilling a finished hole without using pilot holes or tool changes). This is a proven cost reducing technology that improves
quality where it has been applied successfully.


The focus of this book is on automating the process of drilling and countersinking holes during airframe manufacturing. Since this is the area of
greatest return on investment for airframe producers, the book provides a stepped approach for evaluating possible areas for applying automation and a
detailed description of the process for choosing, acquiring, and transitioning the right machinery for success. It also provides a vision for a 10- to
15-year future state of airframe manufacture.


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