Dynamic Analysis and Control System Design of Automatic Transmissions
                                                               Author (s): Shushan Bai, Joel M. Maguire, Huei Peng

                                                 Year: 2013           Code:  R-413          Pages: 216


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Table of Contents:


While the basic working principle and the mechanical construction of automatic transmissions has not changed significantly, increased requirements for
performance, fuel economy, and drivability, as well as the increasing number of gears has made it more challenging to design the systems that control modern
automatic transmissions. New types of transmissions—continuously variable transmissions (CVT), dual clutch transmissions (DCT), and hybrid powertrains—have
presented added challenges.


Gear shifting in today’s automatic transmissions is a dynamic process that involves synchronized torque transfer from one clutch to another, smooth engine
speed change, engine torque management, and minimization of output torque disturbance. Dynamic analysis helps to understand gear shifting mechanics and supports
creation of the best design for gear shift control systems in passenger cars, trucks, buses, and commercial vehicles.


Based on the authors’ graduate-level teaching material, this well-illustrated book relays how the fundamental principles of hydraulics and control systems are
applied to today’s automatic transmissions. It opens with coverage of basic automatic transmission mechanics and then details dynamics and controls associated
with modern automatic transmissions. Topics covered include: gear shifting mechanics and controls, dynamic models of planetary automatic transmissions, design
of hydraulic control systems, learning algorithms for achieving consistent shift quality, torque converter clutch controls, centrifugal pendulum vibration
absorbers, friction launch controls, shift scheduling and integrated powertrain controls, continuously variable transmission ratio controls, dual-clutch
transmission controls, and more.


The book includes many equations and clearly explained examples. Sample Simulink models of various transmission mechanical, hydraulic and control subsystems are
also provided. Chapter Two, which covers planetary gear automatic transmissions, includes homework questions, making it ideal for classroom use. In addition to
students, new engineers will find the book helpful because it provides the basics of transmission dynamics and control. More experienced engineers will appreciate
the theoretical discussions that will help elevate the reader’s knowledge.


Although many automatic transmission-related books have been published, most focus on mechanical construction, operation principles, and control hardware. None
tie the dynamic analysis, control system design, and analytic investigation of the mechanical, hydraulic, and electronic controls as does this book.



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