Performance Metrics for Assessing Driver
              Distraction: The Quest for Improved Road Safety
                                                                    AUTHOR(S): Gary L. Rupp
                                                     Year: 2010           Code: R-402       Pages: 264


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Table of Contents:


This book focuses on the study of secondary task demands imposed by in-vehicle devices on the driver while driving. It
provides a mechanism for researchers to evaluate how in-vehicle devices such as navigation systems as well as other
devices such as cell phones affect driver distraction and impact safety.


This book, which features the work presented by international experts at the 4th International Driver Metrics Workshop,
in June 2008, offers a summary of the current state of driver metrics research.


Edited by workshop moderator Dr. Gary L. Rupp, the book introduces vital information to support the design of in-vehicle
information and communication systems (IVIS).


Topics covered include:


Driver object and event detection
Peripheral detection tasks (PDT)
Tactile-based detection tasks (TDT)
Modified Sternberg method for assessing visual and cognitive load of in-vehicle tasks
Modified Sternberg method for assessing peripheral detection task and lane change tests
The relationship between performance metrics and crash risk
Characterizing driver behaviors observed in naturalist driving studies
Developing metrics from lane change test studies



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