Brake Design and Safety, Third Edition
                                                    AUTHOR(S): Rudolf Limpert
                          Year: Oct 2011                    Code: R-398                Pages: 432
                                            Price $ 99.95



The objectives of this third edition of an SAE classic title are to provide readers with the basic theoretical fundamentals and analytical tools

necessary to design braking systems for passenger vehicles and trucks that comply with safety standards, minimize consumer complaints, and

perform safely and efficiently before and while electronic brake controls become active.


This book, written for students, engineers, forensic experts, and brake technicians, provides readers with theoretical knowledge of braking

physics, and offers numerous illustrations and equations that make the information easy to understand and apply.


New to this edition are expanded chapters on:


        Thermal Analysis of Automotive Brakes

        Analysis of Hydraulic Brake Systems

        Single Vehicle Braking Dynamics



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