Fundamentals of Automobile Body Structure Design
                                                  AUTHOR(S): Donald E. Malen
                            Year: Mar 2011                Code: R-394           Pages: 468
                                     Price $ 89.95



This book provides readers with a solid understanding of the principles of automobile body structural design, illustrating the effect of changing

design parameters on the behavior of automobile body structural elements. Emphasizing simple models of the behavior of body structural

systems rather than complex mathematical models, the book looks at the best way to shape a structural element to achieve a desired function,

why structures behave in certain ways, and how to improve performance.


Chapters cover:


  Body structural requirements

  Body structural elements

  Design for body bending

  Design for body torsion

  Design for crashworthiness

  Design for vibration

  Design for vehicle and styling integration

  Material selection and mass estimation in preliminary design


Fundamentals of Automobile Body Design provides valuable insight to graduate and undergraduate students in automotive programs,

entry-level engineers specializing in automobile body design, and other engineers looking to understand the influence of vehicle layout

on body performance or the interaction of subsystems with the body.





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