Practical Heat Treating: Second Edition
                                                  Author(s): J.L. Dossett and H.E. Boyer
                                           Year: 2006         Code: 5144             Pages: 296
                                          Price $ 139.00



What is heat treatment? This book describes heat treating technology in clear, concise, and nontheoretical language. It is an excellent

introduction and guide for design and manufacturing engineers, technicians, students, and others who need to understand why heat

treatment is specified and how different processes are used to obtain desired properties. The new Second Edition has been extensively

updated and revised by Jon L. Dossett, who has more than forty years of experience in heat treating operations and management. The

update adds important information about new processes and process control techniques that have been developed or refined in recent

years. Helpful appendices have been added on decarburization of steels, boost/diffuse cycles for carburizing, and process verification.






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