Nondestructive Testing Handbook,
                 Third Edition: Volume 8, Magnetic Testing
                     Author(s): Moore, David G. (technical editor); Moore, Patrick O. (editor)
                                               Year: 2008           ISBN: 978-1-57117-184-9          Pages: 422


                                                   Price $ 181.25




The authoritative reference for magnetic particle testing.

100+ pages applicable also to magnetic flux leakage testing.Contains all current information from the previous edition on
magnetic particle testing.
A collaborative effort of 66 magnetic testing experts.
Editorial emphasis on practicality with information useful to Level II and Level III inspectors.
Applications including metals,welding, chemical, petroleum, and electric power.
Dozens of photographs illustrating anomalies.
New information on documentation with reference standards and digital photography.
Metric units included throughout.
Edited with an eye to safety and environmental regulations.
Updated references provided for published standards.

This volume is a must-have for Level II and III MT inspectors and quality personnel - those who evaluate or specify magnetic
particle or flux leakage testing. 422 pages, 478 illustrations, 241 equations, 56 tables. Extensive glossary and index.



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