Quality Control of Soil Compaction Using ASTM Standards
                                                                Editor(s): D W Shanklin
                                                  Year: 2011           Code: MNL-70       Pages: 95

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Table of Contents:


Get the latest information on the proper application of ASTM standards for soil compaction for various earthworks.


Soil compaction is a critical part of most engineered structures that use the earth or soil as a foundation or a base for support.

The soil’s engineering properties, including strength, compressibility, and permeability, can be improved and become more predictable
with the proper degree of compaction. The soil may also be a major structural component, as in the case of earth fill dams, levees or
dikes, high road fills, and other embankments.


Unique to Manual 70 is the combination of established soil mechanics engineering fundamentals and the discussions on using the latest
ASTM standards related to those fundamentals.


Manual users should be familiar with ASTM D2487 Standard Practice for Classification of Soils for Engineering Purposes (Unified Soil
Classification System). This practice, included on the CD-ROM ASTM Soil Compaction Standards—A Companion CD to Manual 70 (sold
separately) is found throughout Manual 70 in the narratives, the various figures, and the tables.





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