Crude Oils: Their Sampling, Analysis, and Evaluation
                                                     Editor(s): Giles Harry, Mills Clifford
                                                  Year: 2010           Code: MNL-68       Pages: 78


                                                   Price $ 87


Table of Contents:


This one-of-a-kind, comprehensive manual covers a combination of subject materials related to crude oil sampling, quality determination,

and evaluation. It provides detailed assessment of the test methods available and offers a broad scope of information at a level that can

be understood by technical and non-technical personnel.


Eight chapters deal with:
Obtaining representative samples from tanks, pipelines, and marine vessels
Understanding the complex chemistry of crude oils
Selecting test methods best suited to obtain physical and chemical data
Issues that may develop during transportation, storage, and refining that may impact product quality
And much more!


Manual 68 is intended for anyone involved with the sampling and analysis of crude oils after they are produced and stabilized, including:
Operators of pipelines and tankers
Field operators with limited or no technical training
Experienced laboratory technicians or chemists
Crude oil traders
Refinery engineers



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