Jane's Missiles and Rockets



Jane's Missiles and Rockets offers comprehensive intelligence on the world's missiles and rockets in use and under development.
Whether a designer, manufacturer or user of these weapons, you will find this resource indispensable for staying abreast of
market and technology changes.


Written by a former missile engineer, Jane's Missiles and Rockets differentiates itself from standard defense and aerospace magazines

through its exclusive focus on the world's missiles and rockets. Whether you are a designer, manufacturer or user of these weapons,

this guide will prove crucial for understanding missiles and anti-missile defense technology.


Key contents include:

    Reports on all missile types
    Latest anti-missile defense developments

Jane's Missiles and Rockets helps you:

    Track industry and technology developments
    Stay apprised of the latest programs
    Understand today's concepts to be used in tomorrow's weapons
    Assess threat and inform command decisions





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