Heat Treating Reference Library DVD 2012 Edition
                                         Year: 2012               ISBN: 978-1-61503-840-4


                                     Price $ 695.00


The most comprehensive collection of heat treating technical information and data ever assembled on one disc – more than
15,000 pages in all!


The Heat Treating Reference Library DVD provides a complete guide to the heat treatment of irons, steels, and nonferrous
alloys. Particularly in-depth information is provided for heat treating of carbon and alloy steels. Subject coverage
includes heat treating fundamentals and principles, selection of heat treating processes and parameters, process control,
and equipment.


This DVD will be an invaluable resource to materials engineers, heat treaters, and researchers in a broad range of industries.

The fully searchable disc features:

    • 122 articles from 11 ASM Handbook volumes, including the complete content of Volume 4, Heat Treating
    • 761 heat treating data sheets – the complete contents of the two Heat Treater’s Guide volumes
    • 999 papers from ASM Heat Treating Society conferences
    • 964 time-temperature diagrams – the complete contents of two ASM atlas volumes
    • 232 chapters from 12 ASM heat treating technical books
The DVD can be used with any Windows Platform laptop or desktop computer with a DVD drive. Articles can be printed, and text,
table, and images can be copied and pasted. Note: the files on the disc cannot be copied, so the DVD must be present in the
local machine for the content to be accessed.





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