Morphing Aerospace Vehicles and Structures
                                                        Author: John Valasek
                                                                  Year: 2012           ISBN: 978-1-60086-903-7        


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Table of Contents:


From the earliest times, engineers have been inspired by birds as models for flight vehicles, and more specifically, shape changing or morphing
flight vehicles. A common thematic element has been to gaze upon a bird and imagine "the bird that changes into an airplane," and vice versa. Now
that this vision is within reach, exciting research is investigating the methodologies and technologies required. Morphing Aerospace Vehicles and
Structures is a synthesis of the relevant disciplines and applications involved in the morphing of fixed-wing flight vehicles. The book is organized
into three major sections: Bio-inspirations; Control and Dynamics; and Smart Materials and Structures. Most chapters are both tutorial and research
oriented in nature, covering elementary concepts through advanced and in many cases novel methodologies. Insightful numerical and experimental
results complement the technical exposition wherever possible. To stimulate and encourage further investigation, all chapters discuss further topics
for research in particular subject areas, and a summary chapter addresses broad challenges and directions for future research.


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