Machinery's Handbook 29th Edition
                                  Toolbox Standard print edition
                  Erik Oberg, Franklin Jones, Holbrook Horton, Henry Ryffel, Christopher McCauley

                                              Year: 2012           ISBN: 9780831129002       Pages: 2800


                                                   Price $ 94.95


Table of Contents:


Extensive Updates and 90 New Pages

Machinery's Handbook has been in continuous publication with frequent comprehensive revisions for more than a century. Released at

the end of 2011, we proudly offer Machinery's Handbook 29th Edition - Toolbox. The edition's growth exceeds 90 pages. It offers major

revisions as well as all-new material on a variety of topics. The Toolbox Edition employs our standard type size. We also offer a Large

Print Edition that is easier to read yet fits the same pagination as Toolbox Edition.


Here's a summary of new content:

Micromachining section is entirely new to this edition
Expanded material on the calculation of hole coordinates
Introduction to Metrology, the science of measurement

Additional content in sheet metal and presses; shaft alignment; taps and tapping; helical coil screw thread inserts; solid geometry; how to

distinguish between bolts and screws; statistics, calculating thread dimensions, keys and keyways, miniature screws, metric screw threads

and fluid mechanics.


Numerous sections have been thoroughly refreshed, reworked or renovated, including
Mechanics and Strength of Materials
Properties of Materials
Gaging and Measuring
Machining Operations
Manufacturing Process
Threads and Threading
Machine Elements


Metric content has been dramatically expanded. Wherever practical, metric units are listed adjacent to customary U.S. units. And, many

formulas now offer equivalent metric expressions. Frequent metric examples have been added.


The design and typography of Machinery's Handbook 29th Edition has also improved with expanded tables of content at the beginning of

each section. Our editors have fine-tuned these tables to make it easier to find the information you seek. The typography, including all

tables and equations has been updated and reset. And, a large number of illustrations have been redrawn for enhanced clarity.


As our long-time customers attest, Machinery's Handbook is the world's most popular reference work in metalworking, design, engineering

and manufacturing facilities. It is in broad use in technical schools and colleges throughout the world. It is universally acknowledged as an

extraordinary authoritative, comprehensive and practical tool, providing users with the most fundamental and essential aspects of

sophisticated manufacturing practices. The 29th Edition of the “Bible of the Metalworking Industries” is the essential reference for

Mechanical, Manufacturing, and Industrial Engineers, Designers, Draftsmen, Toolmakers, Machinists, Engineering and Technology Students,

and the serious Home Hobbyist.



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