Advances in Intelligent and Autonomous Aerospace Systems
                                                        Author: John Valasek
                                                                  Year: 2012           ISBN: 978-1-60086-897-9


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Table of Contents:


Research advances in embedded computational intelligence, communication, control, and new mechanisms for sensing, actuation, and adaptation hold the
promise to transform aerospace. The result will be air and space vehicles, propulsion systems, exploration systems, and vehicle management systems that
respond more quickly, provide large-scale distributed coordination, work in dangerous or inaccessible environments, and augment human capabilities.


Advances in Intelligent and Autonomous Aerospace Systems seeks to provide both the aerospace researcher and the practicing aerospace engineer with an
exposition on the latest innovative methods and approaches that focus on intelligent and autonomous aerospace systems.


The chapters are written by leading researchers in this field, and include ideas, directions, and recent results on current intelligent aerospace research
issues with a focus on dynamics and control, systems engineering, and aerospace design. The content on uncertainties, modeling of large and highly non-linear
complex systems, robustness, and adaptivity is intended to be useful in both the subsystem and the overall system-level design and analysis of various
aerospace vehicles. A broad spectrum of methods and approaches are presented, including:


    Fuzzy logic
    Genetic algorithms
    Markov decision processes
    Approximate dynamic programming
    Artificial neural networks
    Probabilistic maps
    Multi-agent systems
    Kalman, particle, and confidence filtering



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