Recordkeeping, Compliance and the Law
                                                  AUTHOR(S): Alan Bell and Susan Graham
               Year: Sep 2013               ISBN:  978-1-85604-826-2          Pages: 224


                                     Price  49.95


The essential guide to information legislation and compliance for practitioners and students of recordkeeping.


Taking a concept-requirement-implication approach this effortlessly navigates the reader through the practicalities of working
in an information compliance culture and the impact this has on recordkeeping systems. It includes relevant case studies which
highlight the key principles and issues. The authors are both practitioners who have designed processes, procedures and systems
for information compliance for several organisations. They have also taught this subject at Masters level, allowing them to
synthesise a deep understanding of theory and practice. This unique perspective allows them to pinpoint the critical issues,
challenges and solutions without confusing the narrative with technical jargon and legislative detail.


Key topics covered include:


    The development and interrelationship between information legislation
    Data Protection and personal information
    Freedom of Information in the UK
    Associated legal frameworks.





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