The Good Digital Preservation Guide
                                                            Editor(s): Neil Grindley and William Kilbride
                                              Year: June 2013           ISBN: 978-1-85604-753-1     Pages: 192      


                                                   Price 49.95




Digital preservation is now widely acknowledged as an area that organisations must engage with. For those living in networked societies the world
has been digital for some years and there is a growing awareness of the need to plan for digital sustainability rather than expect that important
material will naturally endure. What remains un-clear is: who should be responsible for all this work; how should we pay for it; and what should
we try to preserve? These and a number of other related issues will be addressed in this book.


The guiding principle of this book is that good preservation practice begins with effective policy and so it examines broadly strategic themes
rather than technical solutions. Put together by an international, cross-sectoral team of contributors, each authored chapter provides a snapshot
of where we are now and what barriers need to be overcome. They also provide several in-depth case studies which delve into their own experience
to illustrate the essential concepts.   Key chapters include:

    Reappraising the digital archive
    Preservation in context
    What is at stake?
    Roles and responsibilities
    Building effective partnerships
    Tools and processes
    Training and professional development
    Personal archiving
    Legal and ethical aspects of preservation
    Reflections on next steps


This authoritative text is essential reading for information managers, librarians and archivists worldwide. Others in the information and culture
world such as museum curators, media professionals and web content providers, will also find it essential reading, as will students.


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