Composite Materials for Aircraft Structures 2/e
                                                                       A Baker, S Dutton, D Kelly
                                              Year: 2004           ISBN: 978-1-56347-540-5       Pages: 400


                                                   Price $ 114.95


Table of Contents:


Introduction and Overview
Basic Principles of Fiber Composite Materials
Fibers for Polymer-Matrix Composites
Polymeric Matrix Materials
Component Form and Manufacture
Structural Analysis
Mechanical Property Measurement
Properties of Composite Systems
Joining of Composite Structures
Repair Technology
Quality Assurance
Aircraft Applications and Design Issues
Airworthiness Considerations for Airframe Structures
Three-Dimensionally Reinforced Preforms and Composites
Smart Structures
Knowledge-Based Engineering, Computer-Aided Design, and Finite Element Analysis
Overview of Some Sensors and Actuators Used for Smart Structure Applications


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