Fatigue and Fracture: Understanding the Basics
                                                                         Editor(s): F.C. Campbell
                                                                 Year: 2012           ISBN: 978-1-61503-976-0     Pages: 698      


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This book emphasizes the physical and practical aspects of fatigue and fracture. It covers mechanical properties of materials, differences
between ductile and brittle fractures, fracture mechanics, the basics of fatigue, structural joints, high temperature failures, wear,
environmentally-induced failures, and steps in the failure analysis process. Separate chapters are devoted to fatigue and fracture of steels,
aluminum alloys, titanium and titanium alloys, ceramics, polymers and continuous fiber polymer matrix composites.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1              Introduction to Fatigue and Fracture
Chapter 2              Mechanical Behavior
Chapter 3              Ductile and Brittle Fracture
Chapter 4              Fracture Mechanics
Chapter 5              Fatigue of Metals
Chapter 6              Fatigue and Fracture of Engineering Alloys
Chapter 7              Metallic Joints- Mechanically Fastened and Welded
Chapter 8              Fracture Control and Damage Tolerance Analysis
Chapter 9              Fatigue and Fracture of Ceramics and Polymers
Chapter 10            Fatigue and Fracture of Continuous Fiber Polymer Matrix Composites
Chapter 11            High Temperature Failures
Chapter 12            Wear Failures
Chapter 13            Environmentally-Induced Failures
Chapter 14            The Failure Analysis Process
Appendix A            Defects Leading to Failure



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