Steels: Processing, Structure, and Performance
                                                                  Author(s): George Krauss
                                             Year: 2005           Code:  5140-ASM         Pages: 613


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Table of Contents:


Steels: Processing, Structure, and Performance is a comprehensive guide to the broad, dynamic physical metallurgy of steels. The

volume is an extensively revised and updated edition of the classic 1990 book Steels: Heat Treatment and Processing Principles.

Eleven new chapters expand the coverage in the previous edition, and other chapters have been reorganized and updated. This

volume is an essential reference for anyone who makes, uses, studies, or designs with steel. The interrelationships between

chemistry, processing, structure, and performance--the elements of physical metallurgy--are integrated for all the types of steel

discussed. The evolution, characterization, and performance of steel microstructures are described, with increased emphasis on

deformation and fracture. Heat treatment remains a vital aspect of the manufacture of steel products, and the coverage of thermal

processing and its effect on steels is expanded in this edition. Dramatic changes in steel manufacture have occurred in the 15 years

since the publication of the 1990 edition. Low-carbon sheet steels have experienced the most dynamic changes: thermal processing

of sheet steels on a massive continuous scale has produced new grades with only subtle changes in chemistry. Low carbon sheet

steels, together with strengthening mechanisms, developments in microalloyed forging steels, steels with bainitic and a variety of

ferritic microstructures, quench and tempered steel performance, high-carbon steels for rail and ultra-high strength wire, and the

causes of low toughness and embrittlement are all discussed in new chapters. Brief coverage is provided on the history of steel,

including the time frame for important developments. A link to steelmaking and solidification is made in the chapter on the effects

of primary processing on steel microstructure. The text is meant to be informative, readable, up-to-date, and self contained.

Principles, concepts, and understanding of microstructural evolution and performance, within the framework of processing and

properties, are illustrated, by plots of data, micrographs and schematic diagrams. A special effort has been made to include references

to the most pertinent books, reviews, and technical papers on a given subject.



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