Principles of Brazing
                                            Author(s): David M. Jacobson and Giles Humpston
                                             Year: 2005           Code:  5123-ASM         Pages: 268


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Table of Contents:


Principles of Brazing is a valuable resource for those working with the brazing process or designing component joints. This book will

help solve practical engineering challenges, by building on fundamental metallurgy. Precisely written, and well referenced, containing

200 figures and 56 tables, this book compares joining methods, explains the fundamental parameters of brazes, and surveys the

metallurgy of braze alloy systems. The joining atmosphere, fluxes and fluxless brazing are investigated. The constraints that component

metal and non-metal materials place on the brazing process are examined. A chapter is devoted to the direct brazing of non-metals.

Jewelers will find the chapter on filler metals for gold and silver of interest. The authors received valuable feedback from readers

of their first book, Principles of Soldering and Brazing.



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