Information Needs Analysis
                  Principles and practice in information organizations
                                                 Daniel G Dorner, G E Gorman and Phillip J Calvert

                                              Year: Apr 2013           ISBN: 978-1-85604-484-4       Pages: 256


                                                   Price 44.95


Table of Contents:


Formerly titled: Analysing What Your Users Need: A guide for librarians and information managers


Analysing and assessing the information needs of clients is key to the provision of effective service and appropriate collections in both face-to-face
and virtual library services. The importance of information needs analysis is widely recognized by information professionals, but currently there is
little substantive, detailed work in the professional literature devoted to this important topic.


This new book is designed to fill that gap, by supporting practitioners in developing an information needs analysis strategy, and offering the necessary
professional skills and techniques to do so. It will offer guidance to team leaders and senior managers in all areas of library work, especially those
involved in collection management, service provision and web development, and is equally applicable to the needs of academic, public, government,
commercial and other more specialized library and information services. The text adopts a hands-on, jargon-free approach, and includes relevant examples,
case studies, reader activities and sources of further reading.


Key areas covered include:

    what is information needs analysis?
    how is needs analysis conducted?
    what are the varieties of needs analysis?
    how are analyses evaluated and reported?


If you want to provide an information service that truly fulfils your users' needs, this book is essential reading. It will also be a core text on course
reading lists in departments of library and information studies.




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