SolidWorks for Technology and Engineering, Second Edition
                                                Editor(s): James Valentino, Nicholas DiZinno
                                   Year: 2011           ISBN: 9780831134518        Pages: 900


                                            Price $ 74.95


Table of Contents:


SolidWorks for Technology and Engineering provides a comprehensive introduction for students. Little or no prior experience is needed to

benefit from this liberally illustrated work. Use the book in any educational setting from four-year engineering schools to community colleges

and vocational / technical schools and industrial training centers. The book is also a reliable reference on the job. It functions well as a self-study

manual. Authors Valentino and DiZinno have carefully and thoughtfully arranged the contents in a clear, logical sequence.


Many hundreds of well-drawn visuals supplant wordy explanations, demonstrating the power of the software. Many learning aids are included

throughout the 500 page book.


Key Features

Strong graphical illustrations rather than long text and definitions are emphasized. Key definitions are boxed in.
Examples provide step-by-step instructions, supported with excellent graphics.
Needless cross-referencing has been eliminated. Each example is presented with all explanations appearing on the same page.
Exercises are presented at the ends of chapters
A CD provided with the text contains files that are keyed in sequence to the selected examples. Students can follow interactively when

       learning the procedure with the concepts presented in the text.

The text contains exercises and materials that are key to preparing students for the Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA) exam.

Appendix B contains a complete key and sample exam solutions.



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