The RCM Solution
                 A Practical Guide to Starting and Maintaining
                                    a Successful RCM Program
                                                                Editor(s): Nancy Regan
                                                  Year: 2012           ISBN: 9780831134242       Pages: 256

                                                   Price $ 49.95


Table of Contents:


The RCM Solution is a straightforward, no-nonsense presentation of what RCM is and how it can be applied to maximize the
productivity and safety of physical assets. It introduces and thoroughly embraces the proven power of RCMís basic principles
and follows a common-sense and practical approach to implementation.


A significant portion of this book is dedicated to SAE JA1011-compliant RCM. Yet, the author also introduces other asset
management processes that embody RCM principles when the full rigor of RCM isnít warranted. The RCM Solution therefore presents
a total solution for implementing RCM in any organization.


This book will be an invaluable guide to anyone responsible for physical asset management, at any level of authority, from
an organization's maintenance manager to the organization's leader. The principles are presented generically and are equally
applicable to any industry that has physical assets to care for, such as defense, manufacturing, mining, plastics, and power
generation. Besides, instructors teaching reliability engineering at colleges and universities will find this book a useful
complement to their primary text.



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